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Brian Carpenter

Brian has helped thousands of SBA borrowers acquire the life insurance needed to close on their loans. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of business ownership and understands the urgency needed to ensure their loan closings are not delayed. Brian’s strategy has been to partner with life insurance carriers that offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry and establish dedicated contacts in the departments that issue the documents needed to suffice the SBA’s requirement. Brian’s primary focus is making sure your loan closes as fast as possible!

(360) 201-0038

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Over the last 15 years, Ana has worked in the finance and government-guaranteed lending space and has underwritten and closed 500+ loans. She understands credit, bank compliance and the importance of protecting the SBA guarantee at the same time having her borrowers needs met. Ana has experienced firsthand what a bottleneck and tedious process the Life Insurance Collateral requirement can be when closing an SBA loan and her expertise will make this process quick, painless, and SBA-compliant.  

(385) 900-9830

William Brevard

William is a collegiate athlete who brings a fresh energy to the SBA space. He is a highly dedicated SBA Insurance Agent, with a passion for helping business owners get their SBA loans to the finish line and live their entrepreneurial dreams. William understands that every situation in SBA lending requires urgency, and is always willing to help!

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